What does "THE WORKS" include?

1. Includes electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, live drums, any additional instrumentation depending on what the song needs, keys, your lead vocal. 

2. A final mix with your vocal of the song.

3. 16bit master wav file and mp3 of the completed song and soundtrack

4. We will contact you once we get your song idea with any questions or ideas.

5. We want to make sure we know exactly what style/genre you want.We want your input before we record.

​6. We consider ALL of our work "work for hire". You retain 100% of ALL rights!

Build My Song! "THE WORKS" $550

This is what we're known for! If you are serious about your music then this is the option for you. World class musicians will record your song and make it sound AMAZING! First step is sending us your rough song idea and we will study it. We want as much input from you as possible! We will record your song and send the soundtrack to you for vocals. Once we get your vocal we can finalize the song. We have a ton of videos showing exactly how it all works. Visit our Facebook page and see exactly how we will treat YOUR SONG!​​