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We Won!

​and the winner is.... TUNEDESIGNER! The 2019 The Josie Music Awards Music Producer of the year!!!! Thank you to all of our great clients who made this possible!​​


Option 1: is BUILD YOUR SONG from scratch. We call it "THE WORKS". Send us your rough song idea and we will turn it into a finished song that is ready for iTunes, radio, and distribution! This is the ULTIMATE OPTION! $550

Option 2: SONGWRITER SERIES TRACKS. This is our most affordable option. Sometimes you don't need a big production. This option lets you pick up to 4 instruments. Sound like a million bucks on a small budget! $395

Option 3: is our TUNE-READY TRACKS. These tracks are fully produced and ready for your lyric/vocal. We will help you finish the song! Very quick turn around time on these. We sell them to one person at a time, so when you buy one you will be the only person to have it. All the rights/royalties belong to you!