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"Oh WOW I love it!!! It's even better than I imagined! LOVE!"
Nikki S, GA...

"Just perfect John. Couldn't be better. Brought tears to my wife's eyes. Don't change a thing. God it's just perfect. Thank you.
Also, just to let you know, my wife has not stopped listening to it since I played it for her."
John P, IL

"John: this is freaking fantastic! Please tell the guy's-you all rock man!! I love it. It is undeniably a big-time concert "slow-the-pace" arm-around your lover song that I believe can become a favorite--sing-along tune!!!"
Paul L, MI

  • PRIME Copyright Jeff Earl3:16
  • MEAN OLD WORLD Copyright Jack Thomas3:36
  • FADED FOLDED FLAGS Copyright Matt Parrish3:38
  • SAVIOR OF THE WORLD Copyright Xavier Cevrin4:53

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