online recording studio. record your song and never leave home!

Our online recording studio is The Josie Music Awards 2019 Music Producer of the year!​


online recording studio josie music awards

Option 1: is BUILD YOUR SONG from scratch. We call it "THE WORKS". This is the ULTIMATE OPTION! $550
Option 2: SONGWRITER SERIES TRACKS. Sound like a million bucks on a small budget! $395
Option 3: is our TUNE-READY TRACKS. Fully produced and ready for your lyric/vocal. All the rights/royalties belong to you!

TuneDesigner makes it so easy for songwriters and artists to get their songs recorded at the highest level. Our online recording studio can take your rough song idea and make it into a RADIO QUALITY SINGLE! How does it work?

The first step is sending us your rough song idea. We will listen to it and offer a free consultation on how we can produce the song for you. We want as much input from you as you can give us. We want to make your song sound exactly like you want it to sound! We will not do your song unless we feel like we can nail it for you!

Next we will schedule a day to record your soundtrack. We use the best studio musicians to bring your song to life! We will send the soundtrack to you so that you can record your vocal to the track we made.Some of our clients have a home studio, some prefer to record at a studio near them, and some make the trip Tto TuneDesigner and work with us in person.

The final step is getting your vocal to us so that we can do the final mix! All of the work we do is “work for hire” which means that you own 100% of all the rights and royalties to your song! We send the mastered song to you so that you can RELEASE IT ON ALL PLATFORMS!

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